Warhead Rising / Comments

JanC  (7 months ago)

Very cool music!!! Great job guys!!!

Brett McNaueal
Brett McNaueal  (7 months ago)

Very well done. Lots of talent right here.

Alternate Rhythm
Alternate Rhythm  (7 months ago)

Great music here guys, had to have another listen

Desolate Melody
Desolate Melody  (7 months ago)

This is my kind of music! love the riffing and soloing on don't look at me! If you could listen to our tracks, it would mean a lot. Thanks!

Tiqui$$a (Tiquilla)
Tiqui$$a (Tiquilla)  (7 months ago)

WOW , your work is beautiful , I LOVE YOU GUYS ..

JAI'$  (7 months ago)


Isoa Gambel
Isoa Gambel  (7 months ago)

https://twitter.com/IsoaG ♫♪ Hi Guys - I have already joined your Twitter - Isoa :-)

See Jay Run
See Jay Run  (7 months ago)

back to enjoy a bunch, thanks for stopping by, can't wait til next time, See Jay Run

Tony Palumbo
Tony Palumbo  (7 months ago)

Holy 80's/90's Metal! Thanks for fanning guys!

The CheeseBergens
The CheeseBergens  (7 months ago)

Love the rockin' riffs! Sounds like some old school metal to me!