JUDEA SOLO / Comments

Kevin Farkas
Kevin Farkas  (2 months ago)

Very cool, Nice work!

ELISA DUWEZ  (2 months ago)

great voice :)
greetings from Paris:)

Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (3 months ago)

nice vocals and tone, good music and musicianship. today's listens, go like this: Alien through Gypsey Genes. enjoying all songs played today. well done JUDEA......................Tony

Al J Heid
Al J Heid  (3 months ago)

Back for more of your Fantastic Voice and Style
LOve IT ( Bayou Love )

Red Cloud
Red Cloud  (3 months ago)

Back for more of your music and voice ;-)

David Havilland
David Havilland  (3 months ago)

Very good work ! You can to be proud of you.

Danny Ray
Danny Ray  (3 months ago)

Love the groovy blues! great work; enjoyed the listen.

EARTHGAZE  (3 months ago)

JUDEA SOLO rocks !
Your voice is so unique - it burns with its soul!

Alien is my favorite !
Peace and Love
Dennis Calvin
(Singer / Guitar EARTHGAZE)

Cormorant's Fancy
Cormorant's Fancy  (3 months ago)

Very impressed! Gave you 5 plays. Thanks for your support!

Alex Baltas
Alex Baltas  (3 months ago)

Love your music!! Great voice!