Patresa Hartman / Comments

Rolan  (3 months ago)
Great style. Wonderful sound, great voice, nice lyrics ,We will have to get to Des Moines to see you sometime. Thanks!
Godwin Okigbo Jnr
Godwin Okigbo Jnr  (over 1 year ago)
Hi! Patresa Hartman, I’ve listened to your music and I’m feeling it. I’m the new A&R for Savannah Street Music, a music production and artist development company. Below is my email address and my phone number, ill like you to email, text or call so that we can discuss further about your music and artistry. jay@savannahstreet.com +1 651 404 0340 Jay.
Neil Ruddy
Neil Ruddy  (over 1 year ago)
"Patresa's not just - a woman who cooks, she sets - fires under things"
Maria DiDonato
Maria DiDonato  (about 3 years ago)
Amazing on Enemy.
Maria DiDonato
Maria DiDonato  (about 3 years ago)
Really great vocals.
Scott Abene - Guitar
Scott Abene - Guitar  (about 3 years ago)
Really enjoyed "Borrowed Name". Very well crafted song.
Alyssa Trahan
Alyssa Trahan  (over 3 years ago)
Beautiful voice! I became a fan, it would mean so much if you checked out my page too! Best of luck with your career :)