ANIMA 81 / Comments

Rick Pisano
Rick Pisano  (1 day ago)

I enjoyed listening to your work. It was entertaining. Best of luck to you.

DeMattos  (2 days ago)

Hey Friends,

DeMattos stopped by to show some love for your work. Keep the Art burning family.


NvR2L8  (3 months ago)

thanks for connecting with us. Best of luck with your musical dreams. NvR2L8

MARYANN  (4 months ago)

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. J'avals Deux Amis ....=_=....

Joe Hester
Joe Hester  (6 months ago)

Great jazz club sound on "Le jazz et la Java"!

Keylo Da Beast
Keylo Da Beast  (8 months ago)

Check out my interview and leave a comment this is the link for it

Keylo Da Beast
Keylo Da Beast  (8 months ago)


Judith Miller
Judith Miller  (8 months ago)

good tracks play on...hugs from Texas

Mariah Jas
Mariah Jas  (8 months ago)

i played your top 5 tracks .. all of them are filled with such vibe of magic .

Baron Bo & TheCount - Whole Lotta Country
Baron Bo & TheCount - Whole Lotta Country  (8 months ago)

Back again to enjoy more of your great music..