Cat McLean
Cat McLean  (about 8 years ago)
Wow, very cool stuff! great to hear you!
hERbaL Sounds
hERbaL Sounds  (about 8 years ago)
Just be us you are... Great area to explore in the far north, Darkness is sweat and comforting with warmth...pulling in-side! Thanks (spirit for the in-spirations)
untermain  (over 8 years ago)
great horror soundtrack, love it, yes.
Adults Only
Adults Only  (about 9 years ago)
Thanks for checking us out! - Adults Only
Sierra Revival Project
Sierra Revival Project  (about 9 years ago)
Song for a dead bird... sad and moving. Keep the sweet songs coming!
Merankorii  (about 9 years ago)
great work you show here... do you have any CD released?
jean montag
jean montag  (over 9 years ago)
Hi, thanks for listening, means a lot.. Really like your music, Opus Mortem is a very beautiful, sad and deep track, and great sounds in Abhorrent Beauty All the best jean
Andrea Camporotondo
Andrea Camporotondo  (over 9 years ago)
Hello man nice to meet you. Your music sounds cool, Thanks for being friends. A big hug from Helsinki.