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the th0ught pr0v0ker
the th0ught pr0v0ker  (over 4 years ago)
TranKQuiLL all your pieces are Really Rolling n deja-vuing to me!!! Respect
B.Good  (over 4 years ago)
whats good? showing luv and support, playing the tracks. keep doing ya thang and holding down the top spot. peace and blessings
Borbaleta & The Butterflies
Borbaleta & The Butterflies  (over 4 years ago)
A lot of passion here - keep on rocking
Starch Monkey
Starch Monkey  (over 4 years ago)
"Call it What You Want" is a solid track, nice job. Check out our page too when you get a chance. Rock on.
The Scales
The Scales  (over 4 years ago)
Shit is tight, great tunes!! Keep Rockin!!
IRAN Chrymez
IRAN Chrymez  (over 4 years ago)
,,Call what you Want´´ sick HARDCORE rock...Geniuse
Michael Sky
Michael Sky  (over 4 years ago)
Great tunes...rockin' vibe. Be well.
Fusion Beat
Fusion Beat  (over 4 years ago)
Misled Youth is a great song!
T.M.E  (over 4 years ago)
Dopeness right here yo. Respect from COLORADO!!!
PROMIZE®  (over 4 years ago)