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Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (22 days ago)

♫♪ Beautiful Songs, ♫♪ Beautiful Storylines with ♫♪ Music intertwined!....I'm a Fan.....Stop by my page, if you like, Fan me back! ☮♥♫

Andee Willén
Andee Willén  (5 months ago)

Really sounds great.
My favour is straight to the heart.
Cheers and success

Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (6 months ago)

Cheers!!! Success!!!

Joyful Noise With A Side Of Jerky
Joyful Noise With A Side Of Jerky  (6 months ago)

Really enjoy listening to your music!! "I Dream Of You" has some really great guitar work and wonderful harmonies!! :)

Andrei Traistaru
Andrei Traistaru  (6 months ago)

Rock on !

Ralph Lopez
Ralph Lopez  (6 months ago)

Enjoying your sounds this morning. Rocco

The Paula Franceschi Band
The Paula Franceschi Band  (6 months ago)

What a great career, great journey. Digging the songs a lot. Best wishes, Pete.

Toni Abellán
Toni Abellán  (8 months ago)

Loving your songs Pete. All the best from Barcelona, Spain

wreckless  (8 months ago)

Yo wat up homie I came across your page and was liking the music and became a fan. If you could stop by my page and check out my work id appreciate it and if you like to do any features or work in the future leave a comment on my page or check out my website www.ceowreckless.com salute.

Denise Lackmann
Denise Lackmann  (9 months ago)

Very soothing. Thankyou.