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Astral Twins
Astral Twins  (3 months ago)

youtube.com/astraltwins ♫♪ Hi - Good to see you here - Okus + Isoa (Astral Twins) :-)

Stress In Continents
Stress In Continents  (3 months ago)

Nice distinct sound...different and not cookie-cutter. Perfect for live gigs.

Vocalatti  (3 months ago)

Great sound!!!

Dabier  (3 months ago)

U Groove'n, Cool Tunes, I enjoyed listen'n. I'm a Fan. I support other musical Talent. Please check out my music and support also. Stay Cool.

Rob Royston
Rob Royston  (4 months ago)

Dada Survivor, Superb my friend!! All the Best from Rob

Deep SilverBlues
Deep SilverBlues  (5 months ago)

Hello Raposis, I wish you a happy new year 2017 :o) !!! And a good year is a year with music from "THE RAPOSI BROTHERS" !!!

Deny  Jurlina
Deny Jurlina  (5 months ago)

Impressed....have a beautiful day friend !!

Vocalatti  (6 months ago)


John Colella
John Colella  (6 months ago)

all enjoyable tracks here

Rick Pisano
Rick Pisano  (6 months ago)

I stopped by and listened to your posted songs. Best of luck to you guys in all your music endeavors.