The Space Sharks / Comments

DJ Dedek DTJ ✘✪
DJ Dedek DTJ ✘✪  (11 days ago)
Play and like
Glenn Sullivan
Glenn Sullivan  (29 days ago)
Lovin' your sound,loads of energy-Run For Cover.
The Dim Bulbs
The Dim Bulbs  (about 1 month ago)
Love your band name.
Hollis Earl
Hollis Earl  (about 1 month ago)
Wow...what a set. You guys must be great live!! So much energy and musicianship. My picks, Run For Cover, Should've Learned to Sing Like a Star and Falling Down. Keep rockin....and thanks for giving me a listen
Happy Freuds
Happy Freuds  (2 months ago)
Yowza....:!!! Energy, drive & rough authentic sounds...:! Love it .....real music !
late night crisis
late night crisis  (2 months ago)
Hey guys! Beautiful spring day. Time for some heart-pumpin' music from those wild men of Maryland!
Steve Whalen
Steve Whalen  (3 months ago)
Serious fusion of multiple genres going on here...quite tasty! Just ordered your debut off cd baby...looking forward to rocking it out! Hope to catch you live this summer. Keep up the excellent vibes!!!
Captain Space Clown
Captain Space Clown  (4 months ago)
You friggin rock Space Sharks!
Sean Coleman Acoustic
Sean Coleman Acoustic  (4 months ago)
Nice rock'n. I like the psychedelic additive!
late night crisis
late night crisis  (5 months ago)
Stopping by for a late night Adrenalin rush!!!