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Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (14 days ago)

Enjoying your creative Soundtrack! I'm a Fan.....Stop by my page, if you like, Fan me back! Peace......Love.......Music!

Chelewynne  (30 days ago)

Nice! "Best Time of Year" is coming soon! Loving your, Feel Good, music :)

jackbackband  (3 months ago)

Found the truth is so emotional I thnk I might have just found a favourite band on here.
If you guys aren't doing this for a living you're doing something very wrong.

Dr.V  (3 months ago)

Keep up the great work
DR.V from Chicago

Martin Vincent
Martin Vincent  (3 months ago)

Great material delivered well !

Martin Putnam
Martin Putnam  (3 months ago)

Thanks for stopping by ! I am enjoying your music now. Your songs are just fantastic and I will keep up. Martin

Eric Degenaar
Eric Degenaar  (3 months ago)

Love your songs. Beautiful and relaxed with a warm sound.

Time Riders Ri
Time Riders Ri  (3 months ago)

Sounds Good, Keep Up The Great Work

Charlie  (3 months ago)

brilliant songs loved them all

Guitarbeard  (3 months ago)

Music from the Golden era. Nostalgia ) As all the same was good in the seventies. Great !