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Marceen Miller Peters
Marceen Miller Peters  (about 3 years ago)
Merry Christmas Shadrack Tye! :)
Jessica Pyle Harrell
Jessica Pyle Harrell  (about 4 years ago)
Merry Christmas to Shadrack Tye. I have been so fortunate to discover and enjoy your wonderful music this year and I pray many more people will discover you in 2014. Thank you, keep up the good work and God bless you!
Shadrack Tye
Shadrack Tye  (about 4 years ago)
Thanks for your warm wishes Jessica:))
Tricky Martin
Tricky Martin  (over 4 years ago)
Sweet sounds to my ears! Really like what you've created. Wish you well and luck to you all.
Shadrack Tye
Shadrack Tye  (over 4 years ago)
Thank you for your support, best of luck with your projects!
MikeWhitePresents  (over 4 years ago)
Incredible sound on the "shadow falls" track guys..so elegant and mesmerising and rich..and knocked out by your madrigal-like vocals for "ocean waves"..so organic and pure and powerful..brilliant musicianship! If you get the Ritzy gigs i'll be there to watch!!
Shadrack Tye
Shadrack Tye  (over 4 years ago)
Thanks so much for your support guys.....big smiley face here:) !
Potion13  (over 4 years ago)
Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!! Keep up the good work!! Cheers from Montreal, Danielle,Potion13. www.potion13.org
BadgerStatic  (over 4 years ago)
Cool Work!
Shadrack Tye
Shadrack Tye  (almost 5 years ago)
Thanks for the kind comments guys!
Interactive Murcia
Interactive Murcia  (about 5 years ago)
Greetings from Spain! Enjoying your great music today!