Soft Reduction / Comments

Rick Pisano
Rick Pisano  (27 days ago)

Nice work! I wish you the very best in all your music endeavors.

Andee Willén
Andee Willén  (28 days ago)

Hi there
sounds really great!

cheers to Rijeka Andee

Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (28 days ago)

"Flight" nice guitar playing......Love it! Thanx for Fanning me , .... I'm a FAN!

stephanie slevin
stephanie slevin  (28 days ago)

Stopping by to say hi an take a listen

TillyRiddle  (5 months ago)

Wow, we're impressed with your Middle East, good old psychodelia, greetings from Russia!

Dabier  (7 months ago)

Great Music !!! Good Sounds... Listen'n to your Music was Enjoyable.. Keep up the good work.. I'm a Fan...

Anna Zaccaria
Anna Zaccaria  (9 months ago)

Really good love it

Karen Caruso
Karen Caruso  (9 months ago)

Great compositions. Love the instrumentation...nice work!

Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (9 months ago)

Kad pozelim (demo) is excellent! Great guitar work and cool vocals!!!

White Label
White Label  (10 months ago)

Great music! I wish you all the best. Bert from White Label.