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9ine Livez
9ine Livez  (about 2 months ago)

I Really enjoyed this!!

Wessley Moreland
Wessley Moreland  (2 months ago)

Like it a lot! 2god. Very cool prayer.

Whiz Kid from the 228
Whiz Kid from the 228  (3 months ago)

Stopping in to show love on your page. 2God is very deep and genuine. Definitely from the heart. Love it my friend! GREAT JOB!

Lisa Panagos
Lisa Panagos  (3 months ago)

Cool song! Thanks for connecting!

Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (3 months ago)

Happy 2017! Cheers!!! Success!!!

UNCLEMAD  (3 months ago)

Hello I really like your song 2god compliments. Good luck. CRISTIAN.

Deidre Young
Deidre Young  (4 months ago)

luv it !! 1luv

Joseph Humphrey
Joseph Humphrey  (4 months ago)

i like that a song with a message..thigh rap.. love it....

Mark Reitenga
Mark Reitenga  (4 months ago)

Hey Badniss. Thanks for lifting up our Saviour with your songs.

Bz  (5 months ago)

Good heart.