Vick Silva / Comments

tripjctrecords  (6 days ago)

Awesome!!!! Great guitar licks. Takes one into the song and again great production.

Long Live Punk
Long Live Punk  (10 days ago)

Great track - 'Amazing Love'.

Jah Tee Vibes
Jah Tee Vibes  (12 days ago)

that's my style I love what you guys are doing one love

MOONSHINE MALTA  (17 days ago)

Fine stuff Blues Bros and Sis!

Maggie Laird
Maggie Laird  (18 days ago)

I love the variety of influences and moods. Wow, solid offerings--glad I found you!

Val Stan
Val Stan  (22 days ago)

I'm delighted to listen this music full of good vibes. Really love and enjoy it. Cheers!

Soulhost  (24 days ago)

Very nice and natural vibe. We are is awesome! Cheerz from Brazil guys

Barry Carstetter
Barry Carstetter  (24 days ago)

Great Sound! Good ol' Rock & Roll!!

Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy  (26 days ago)

sounding good bro - I'll be watching for you on the charts

Matt Lindsey
Matt Lindsey  (26 days ago)

You have an awesome sound and style!