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The Soledads
The Soledads  (10 months ago)

Sweet voice and a great talent here. Enjoyed listening to " Ain't Beggin you" nice vocal tracks.

Spooky Kool
Spooky Kool  (10 months ago)

I'm taking in Forever Unhappily. Great song to sit back and listen to.

Simplechaoticmachine  (11 months ago)

Very beautiful voice. Nice work.

Deep SilverBlues
Deep SilverBlues  (11 months ago)

"These Flames" - Beautiful music and a great voice, full of feeling !!!

the fresh vegetables
the fresh vegetables  (11 months ago)

Alright great sound keep on rockn

aaron roberts music
aaron roberts music  (11 months ago)

U got some rad shit, chic!
Need a lead guitar- don't look far..


Gina Lee
Gina Lee  (11 months ago)


Nadine Coker
Nadine Coker  (12 months ago)

Thanks for sharing. Great songs/music.

X-RAY IMIJ ~ (JIMI HENDRIX Tribute) ISO Bassist/Drummer
X-RAY IMIJ ~ (JIMI HENDRIX Tribute) ISO Bassist/Drummer  (about 1 year ago)

Such substantive work here. Great vox
from that sacred space within. * XR

Jim "Poppy" Boyd
Jim "Poppy" Boyd  (about 1 year ago)

Impressive. Lovin' this stuff!!