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Waking The Dream
Waking The Dream  (over 9 years ago)

Thoughts on "Someone better stop me"
Its been a long time since I've heard radio friendly, pop-sounding music that took the idea of good, controlled, and developed vocals that you would find in a pop tune, but combined with actual talent such as the guitar that ensnared me at the beginning, and satisfied my thirst for it at the end with the solo. I think its a great dynamic. I think if all popular music was like this, I might give much music, or mtv a chance.

MIKE ROBINS  (about 9 years ago)

wow, well first of all I never really go on this site and I apologize for being really late in my comment back. Let me first just say thank you. Followed I enjoyed a great deal your music as well. Very well written songs and structure. All the best keep in touch and good luck!!!