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Anchorage Alaska
Anchorage Alaska  (over 5 years ago)
Enjoyed your superb music!
Paola Lema
Paola Lema  (over 5 years ago)
Hello, thank you! Good music, keep it up! :)
Jeff Stetson
Jeff Stetson  (over 5 years ago)
thanks for the kind words, really enjoying we fall to ashes.
Vadim Mikhailov
Vadim Mikhailov  (over 5 years ago)
Hi ! Nice work ! Good sound ! I like it a lot !
The Judes
The Judes  (over 5 years ago)
Wow, fantastic killer sounds!! :)
Binary DNA
Binary DNA  (over 5 years ago)
"Bohemian Tango" is a very interesting composition, i like. All the best :)
Nelle Mabry
Nelle Mabry  (over 5 years ago)
thank you! keep up the great work!! :)
Dani Mkd in GOODWILL
Dani Mkd in GOODWILL  (over 5 years ago)
i like how you executed the tunes, and it became something that always people called it as "ART", FANTASTIC WORK !
la pillos maracas noise
la pillos maracas noise  (over 5 years ago)
seems like you have a lot of fun doing this music, great rock sounds, thanks for your support greets from Colombia
CRADLEFISH  (over 5 years ago)
Really the raw sounds! It rocks!