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TheFiddlah from LOGIC
TheFiddlah from LOGIC  (2 months ago)

Well I must say, that I didn't expect anything else but another awesomely creative and extremely melodic piece as 'All Right Baby'~! Great guitar work and of course them vocals are spot on * Love it~!

CHIMERA  (2 months ago)

Amazing .... wishing you all the best ...love and noble respect.

EverythingManBand  (2 months ago)

Love the new track mellow and very well written lyrically poetic. - EverythingManBand l

Joe Gande
Joe Gande  (2 months ago)

LOVE "All Right Baby" my brother!! Great new track! Your Classic Soulful, Original Grooviness at it's best w/ a little da boi/The Magneto Flobe modern vibe, coolness, stellar production and not to mention, pure lyrical genius...DIG IT Big time!! Bravo!!!! Your musical friend/fan/brother Joe Gande

Cynthia Davey
Cynthia Davey  (2 months ago)

I've been a fan for a long time. If you haven't listened you should. You're in for special experience

Jupiter's Eye
Jupiter's Eye  (2 months ago)

"All Right Baby" sounds great! I really like that guitar. It all fits together so well!

congatick  (2 months ago)

ALL RIGHT BABY is a lusciously layered breakup song that evokes summer afternoon memories and the sweetness of the past. The vocal mix and lyric line, as in all of “da boi’s” Magneto Flobe songs, carries this with gentility and grace. Not the least of the elements that feed my music soul here is the beautifully cadenced conga track. My initial envy of its execution was quickly tempered by admiration for the simply precise brilliance of its percolatng groove support. But it is the lyrics which cloaked me with relevance, given that people close to me are in the midst of “personal transitions”:

You can lead horses to water
But you cannot make them drink
High in the sky I held you
Till the day you made me think
All in life's not fair and nothing's absolute
So you go your way and I guess I'll follow suit
What do you do?
there's no love for you?
I'm tired of being blue
You lost somebody true, but...
It's All right Baby, it's all over now

Despite the theme, the Flobe has given this a smile, a taste of joy, a choral exaltation to a relationship that will always be cherished. The regrets are tempered with mellow recollection, eschewing the acid, angst, the irks and barbs so common to endings. Instead, there is the all too rare love for the beauty of the experience once shared by two, now treasured by one. And I, for one, love having shared this one. So will you.

Marek Starx
Marek Starx  (2 months ago)

Honestly... "All Right Baby" is a master piece!!! :) Great vibe, excellent lyrics! Very, very, very awesome!!! Congrats on your new song and much success! Marek. :)

The Luv Daleks
The Luv Daleks  (2 months ago)

Groovy Bebe' Yeah

Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa  (2 months ago)

...'All Right Baby'... I LOVE IT!!!