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Big A  LTA
Big A LTA  (over 5 years ago)
good music bro
StevieNickENT  (over 5 years ago)
Dope music, keep em coming #Salute3x
812MurderFlow  (over 5 years ago)
Whats good? Music sounds good get @ MurderFlow we see you!
Dame Stacks
Dame Stacks  (over 5 years ago)
What up. Im Dame Stacks Artist/Producer and im on a networking mission. You get the chance come check out my new music and tell me what you think. Respect and we checking you out now. Keep up the grind and Fan back. And for dope beats and free downloads check us out on soundcloud- http://soundcloud.com/dame-stacks
MikeWhitePresents  (over 5 years ago)
wicked grooves and freaky, twisty electronica at play here on these tight, bangin tunes..totally diggin that old-rave vibe to "mr kool-aid"..that bassline is killin it..awesome flow and vocal skills too. Definitely worth taking the trip!!
D Rah
D Rah  (over 5 years ago)
nice production
Ice  (over 5 years ago)
Hungry 4 this shit!!!
Dr3am Ville
Dr3am Ville  (over 5 years ago)
did we ever tell you how your music is amazing? Very awesome sounds from you, be blessed for giving us an opportunity to sample your creativity
Ben Jones Central
Ben Jones Central  (over 5 years ago)
Thanks Player...Your Shit is pretty Badass!!....let me know when you get some new Songs up!! PEACE!!
LOST GENERATION  (over 5 years ago)
"South Beach:...dope track, man!!!