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Pink and Purple
Pink and Purple  (almost 10 years ago)
wow! you guys are awesome! keep up the great music!
Kat Blomquist
Kat Blomquist  (over 10 years ago)
wow. gonna go find you guys on myspace now...
Nihilistic Bliss
Nihilistic Bliss  (over 10 years ago)
pretty cool guy's chad from nihilistic bliss p.s plz check us out stay cool guy's cya
Dark Rat River Project
Dark Rat River Project  (over 10 years ago)
The Lass,The Bitch, and The Butcher is a beautifully constructed song, Great noise. It's nice to see some bands out there with some real talent.
mgjps82  (almost 11 years ago)
your funky shit is f@(ing awsome
SOLARE  (about 11 years ago)
great work guys and welcome to the site. added y'all as favs, hope you consider doing the same. thanks, xtine