CHRISY D / Comments

ANDY VENUS  (23 days ago)

Very nice bst of luck!

Dodging Dove
Dodging Dove  (27 days ago)

Your really AWESOME!!!

Mladen Jurlina Deny
Mladen Jurlina Deny  (about 1 month ago)

Beautiful....some great singing here !!

Point Being
Point Being  (3 months ago)

Wonderful, catchy songs here, and a gorgeous voice to go with it. Total ear candy! Great job Chrisy!

The Neal Maingot Project
The Neal Maingot Project  (3 months ago)

Beautiful music..superb vocals. Loving your energy Chrisy you. Wishing you all the very best from Vancouver Canada. Thanks so much for your support its greatly appreciated. Neal

DiPaolo  (3 months ago)

Very nicely done. Listening to "Just Call Me" now. Great work.

Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa  (3 months ago)

COOOL COOOL COOOL Crisy... only I cannot choose between yr 'WOUNDED LOVE' and yr 'Wounded Love', but that's a luxuryproblem I like!

White Label
White Label  (5 months ago)

Great music! I wish you all the best. Bert from White Label

Psycho Nurse
Psycho Nurse  (5 months ago)

Great Work

KIKE GOYA  (5 months ago)

Always love being here listening... Such an awesome performer and love the songs with your beautiful voice...