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The Casual Sexies
The Casual Sexies  (10 months ago)
Damn man, your music definitely has it's own sound and a haunted feeling to it. Great great musicianship, badass.. You have fans in The Casual Sexies, Annapolis, MD.
Last Rhino
Last Rhino  (10 months ago)
Dig the sound!
Mentally disturbed
Mentally disturbed  (10 months ago)
Nice love it bro
CrazyToonz  (10 months ago)
great music keep up the good work
MotorTrinken  (10 months ago)
Thanks for the support! Good music also to you!
"30 Coupe" Band
"30 Coupe" Band  (10 months ago)
Nice variety of tunes, cool lyrics and slick musicianship.
Hazarder  (10 months ago)
Great songs, cheers
Monty Deane
Monty Deane  (10 months ago)
Great stuff guys!
Saving Danny
Saving Danny  (10 months ago)
#Blood on the Trigger!! Yes! Thanks for the support - Muchluv from London UK
Sam Antex
Sam Antex  (10 months ago)
Western PA likes Badgerstatic sound from West Chester.