Debbie Kauble
Debbie Kauble  (6 months ago)

Awesome Rock! You guys are awesome! Would love to hear that guitar on a couple of my tunes!

Deny  Jurlina
Deny Jurlina  (6 months ago)

Sounding Great !!!!!!!Fantastic music here ..... all the best !!

R.W.Sound House
R.W.Sound House  (8 months ago)

IN THREE DAYS ,awesome song

Donnie Stovall
Donnie Stovall  (9 months ago)

Great sounds

aka raunitus
aka raunitus  (10 months ago)

"Spiritual high" & "he lived to die" awesome songs bro nice work & congrats on rank # 1! !

NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur
NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur  (10 months ago)

Heart's on Fire...Whooo!
Great performance, sound and production!

⚄天使🗝✡ARCH♔AEON✡🗝天使⚄  (10 months ago)

U guys ROCK✊!!! Love it..love the energy..im in the foxhole with u for these latter days...see for yourselves....GOD BLESS!!!

Stones of Fire
Stones of Fire  (11 months ago)

John 15:19 - thanks for redeeming rock and roll for Jesus, guys; keep writing for Jesus and keep looking up, for your redemption is drawing nigh. God bless!

Poor Jeffrey
Poor Jeffrey  (11 months ago)

Hi There , I listened again. I. Hope to be that tight. I am trying to make sure to listen to my fans because I would hope they listen to me Do unto others, ya know? Matt. 7:12. May our Lord bless you with all that he desires for you.
Poor Jeffrey

Poor Jeffrey
Poor Jeffrey  (11 months ago)

I love your Rock. He is mine as well. Rock on.
Poor Jeffrey