Jim Jeffrey / Comments

JUDEA SOLO  (almost 4 years ago)
Much talent♥
LunariaN  (about 7 years ago)
great unique kinda works. sounds differently nice. enjoyed your tracks, Jim. cheers from Indonesia -LunariaN-
Jim Jeffrey
Jim Jeffrey  (about 7 years ago)
Thanks! I'm really glad you like my music!
Amythyst  (about 8 years ago)
OOOH!!! Thanks sweetiepie!!! XOX When is your next lesson? I am improving daily and I am noticing things as I play plus I can tune my guitar by ear. I think I always could I just had alot of doubt in myself back then. Lots of Love and Peace!!! Amy
Amythyst  (about 8 years ago)
I love your voice Jim!!! Great work!!! When I travel again I would love to meet you in person!!! Keep Smiling You Rock!!! Amy
GD Hill
GD Hill  (about 8 years ago)
Hey Jim, your album rocks bro, it's killer.
DestinationDawn  (about 8 years ago)
Absolutely entranced by the beauty of your music. Wonderfully stylish and so melodically intriguing. Love your vocal in "Dangerous" The complete essence of this song has captivated me by its charm. Gorgeously brilliant!!!Thanks so much for your friendship. Best wishes for much continued success. Much Love, DestinationDawn