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James Armstrong
James Armstrong  (over 4 years ago)

Great performances here, Marvin. Thanks for sharing them !

swings16  (about 5 years ago)

I had the fortune to study with Marvin this past week.Besides being a kind open hearted and honest person,he cares for a student and truly wants them to learn to play drums in a very unique way.My lesson with Marvin was an eye opener for me.Besides sitting next to and hearing this amazing master jazz drummer,he shared many ideas and concepts in drumming with me.He opened my eyes to play OUT of the 4/4 box.The concept of 6.A whole new approach that i am still digesting,but as i do,it is becoming clear to me that he has opened a very big window in time that i never knew existed.I am excited to explore this new window of time and time keeping.He also shared some secrets of his incredible technique.
I am looking forward to another lesson with him so i can learn more from this jazz legend.He swings so hard that while i was sitting next to him as he played i was almost knocked over by the heavy groove he laid down.
He is truly a one of a kind cat,and they broke the mold when Marvin came around.He has it all...and he shares it.He doesn't keep his cool stuff secret.He gives it away.He learned the great lesson of life that you can only keep the goodness that you have is by giving it away.He is not stingy.He shares.He shared with me and i am grateful to have been lucky enough to have met him and am honored to be accepted to study from this incredible jazz icon.
Marvin Bugalu Smith is the man.