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Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones  (2 months ago)

Hey, I'm the CEO of GMSH Live. In addition to our regular Tour Events, we will also be hosting events every Saturday and Wednesday at Union EAV in Atlanta. We have some events you'd definitely want to get involved with. If you want to perform, visit GMSHAtlanta(dot)com or Call 818-723-0847 for details. I'm (at)JessJJones on IG, FB, & Twitter if you want to make sure this is legit. God bless.

SynthdreamZ  (3 months ago)

Enjoying the great flow on FAST LIFE. Thanks for the fanship.

david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)  (3 months ago)

You masterfully flow on such a variety of beats each offering a different hue, a varied tapestry of rhythmic street poetry that nails your thoughts and words with spearpoint accuracy. well done.

Blazeyaface Aka Mr H.T.C
Blazeyaface Aka Mr H.T.C  (3 months ago)

thanks fopr checkin the music yea we can colab

Johnny the Good Villain
Johnny the Good Villain  (3 months ago)

Get @ me bro bro. Let me know how we can link up💯💯💯😎🤘

wreckless  (3 months ago)

Yo wat up homie I came across your page and was liking the music and became a fan. If you could stop by my page and check out my work id appreciate it and if you like to do any features or work in the future leave a comment on my page or check out my website www.ceowreckless.com salute.

Jay P Lindsey
Jay P Lindsey  (3 months ago)

Don't slow down, stay ahead of da game!

CRUCIAL BEATZ  (4 months ago)

Keep going!!!

CRUCIAL BEATZ  (4 months ago)

Keep going!!!

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (4 months ago)

enjoyed♡ ღஜღ♡♪♫ ♩♬ ♪ ♫