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Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (7 months ago)

Hi Dr Phil
Control Traffic......really great!!!! I really enjoyed your Fantastic tracks!!!!!
Stay well and best wishes

The Neal Maingot Project
The Neal Maingot Project  (7 months ago)

Hello Dr Phill .."Billie Jean" is totally DOPE' ..your video is also top notch ..Terrific listen ..great song list ..all tracks with great beats and amazing lyrics to match..fantastic vocals/rap happening here .. Thank you so much for your support, its greatly appreciated. Wishing you only the very best from Vancouver Canada. neal

David Layton - Guitarist
David Layton - Guitarist  (7 months ago)

Really diggin' Billie Jean. Great percussive vocals and haunting samples

TReyes / Solo Artist Project
TReyes / Solo Artist Project  (7 months ago)

*Ice Cold* is a cool tune Doc! Awesome vocals, music, & beats! Thank you for your support, & all the best to you..:-)) T~

Brittany Morris
Brittany Morris  (7 months ago)

Hey it's Brittany here to support! Love your music!

Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill  (7 months ago)

Share TotalRecall https://youtu.be/duq92hWZ670

Trust Fam
Trust Fam  (7 months ago)

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Audio Fidelity
Audio Fidelity  (7 months ago)

Love your beats and lyrics!

Isoa Gambel
Isoa Gambel  (8 months ago)

https://twitter.com/IsoaG ♫♪ Hi - I have already joined your Twitter - Isoa :-)

I Mercenari Salento
I Mercenari Salento  (8 months ago)

Ehy There!!! Great work amd sound!!!Yeahhh...
All aur Pleasure Rock on !!! \m/