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Orillia Junction
Orillia Junction  (about 8 years ago)

thats some beautifull work, very inspiring

MusicDish  (about 8 years ago)


Perry Tucker
Perry Tucker  (about 8 years ago)

Kool stuff Tommy, I understand the numbers you are generating now. I'm just an upstart on reverbnation under Perry Tucker and Scully and the Mulders. I think as our craft evolves we all become healers of sorts. You have a fan in Kamloops BC Canada.
Perry Tucker

TJ Johnson
TJ Johnson  (over 8 years ago)

Your an aspiration Tommy, I love your style, tenacity, and the way you seem to play complex originals effortlessly and with class. Thanks to revebnation, I just found one of my new favorite artist. Much apprecieated, TJ

DMAN Band(Doug Mikkelson)
DMAN Band(Doug Mikkelson)  (over 8 years ago)

You make me want to just pick up my guitar and play. I am a huge fan from Montana. I hope to see again on Television, it was a treat indeed.

Tim Victor
Tim Victor  (over 8 years ago)

It's an honor to be ranked just 476 places behind Tommy Emmanuel.

The BorderCollies
The BorderCollies  (almost 9 years ago)

You constantly inspire me to become a better player - and you make it look EASY! Hope to see you next you're though Atlanta. Thanks Tommy!!

Glorie  (almost 9 years ago)

Hey, I love your music. You are blessed with an awesome talent!

JChapinCP  (almost 9 years ago)

Mr. Emmanuel-
After having been a fan for a few years now I can honestly say I have a new appreciation for your talent as a musician after seeing your set for the first time live in Sacramento last night. Simply Amazing! Thanks for a great set and letting us experience the mystery that surrounds us when music is played. It really is good for the soul.

James Olszewski
James Olszewski  (almost 9 years ago)

Wow... "Those Who Wait" is especially amazing.