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Cirque Zuma Zuma
Cirque Zuma Zuma  (almost 4 years ago)

Cirque Zuma Zuma Presents:
Community Outreach Program 2013 – 2014 School Matinee Series:
Dear Teachers:
We hope you will find this Teacher’s Guide helpful in preparing your students for what they will see and hear at the Zuma Zuma of Africa performance matinee. The Guide provides background information on the performance, a program repertoire, and a brief country’s profile. Cirque Zuma Zuma Matinee is specially designed for student audiences to be amazed with Dancing, Contortionists, jugglers, and clowns–all masters of the traditional African acrobatics and dancing! Cirque Zuma Zuma artists come from different parts of Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa Zimbabwe and so on...
Acrobats doing handstands on high human pyramids and stacked chairs 20 feet high, Men and women dancing Zulu dance, Woman balancing and spinning tables, jars with their feet, these are some of the spectacular delights that will be presented by Cirque Zuma Zuma (of Africa). Zuma Zuma is coming to your school, get ready for some fun time!
Dance and variety shows have reflected the deepest roots of Africa’s civilization. The performers precise movements and flexible showmanship have provided entertainment to people from all walks of life for centuries. Associated with the esteemed Bomas of Kenya - the 8 to 25-members - African Acrobats International Academy upholds the over 2,500-years tradition of traditional dancing, acrobatics and the African cultural history.
African Acrobats International, was originally founded in East Africa as a private school. AAI was to provide entertainment to the tourist hotels in Africa by Mr. Kalama in 1990’s.
Cirque Zuma Zuma and Cirque Afrika Afrika, was established in late 2005 to tour the world and to teach the world about African cultures.
African Acrobats International now has three performer training schools in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The Academy is working on collecting and publishing numerous African opera scripts, dramatic historical textbooks, and also issuing DVD and video tapes. All of these materials are for the purpose of education, promotion and research of traditional arts, and is the Academy's main mission.
The African Acrobats International have toured the world as the only truly African touring show production and is considered to be Africa’s foremost company. African Acrobats International Academy presents more than 150 performances each year, both domestically and overseas. In the Autumn of 2010 and 2011, The African Acrobats International Academy produced the best show on earth “AFRIKA-AFRIKA” which completed a highly-acclaimed back to back eight-months tours in Germany and Great Britain. The company has now produced CIRQUE ZUMA ZUMA which is now ready for the North America Audiences for 2013 - 2014 performance season.
Konde Kalama/Artistic Manager
Cirque Zuma Zuma artistic manager, Konde Kalama, was born in 1980 and was educated at the Kilifi Township and Boma’s of Kenya. After performing acrobatic throughout Africa and Europe in the early 2000, Mr. Kalama was hired as an artist manger for Cirque Zuma Zuma. Mr. Kalama has been seen in numerous televison shows in the USA, including the variety show 30 seconds to fame on FOX network, Best Damn sports show period in ESPN, and most recent, America’s Got Talent on NBC network.
please ask wendy@utopiaartists.com for full pdf for school program

Cirque Zuma Zuma
Cirque Zuma Zuma  (over 4 years ago)

sample show

Zuma Full 75 min show description

1. Introduction percussion- peter fire eating 2 min.

2. African dance and percussion 2 girls 5-10 guys 4 min.

3. 6 Chairs balancing Peter w 2 guys 10:30 min

4. Limbo show w fire or knives Samson + 2 guys 5:05

5. Pole act w 2 poles 4 per pole 7 min approx

6. contortionists 2 African queens 1 guy 3:20

7. Fire juggling w Zion 2 min

8. Hoops diving 6 guys 5 min

9. Handstand act 2 etho bros 3:25

10. Hats juggling 3:38

11. Hula hoops 2. Girls 3 min

12. Human pyramids, rope. 8-12 guys drummers dancers 10-12 min
Audience involvement 5 min

90 - 120


Table balancing

Foot jugglers
Plate spinning
Bats sounds
Club & bottle juggling
Bounce Juggling
Additional drummers and dancers in 15-20 person show