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Def By Volume
Def By Volume  (2 months ago)

Great dance vibes,liked it!

tony Styles
tony Styles  (2 months ago)

Passin through..Respect for your work fam.

Dabier  (3 months ago)

Good MUZIK.... Great Sounds.. I'm a Fan !!!!

tony Styles
tony Styles  (4 months ago)

Nice tracks family.keep it movin!!

Michael Cash [OFFICIAL]
Michael Cash [OFFICIAL]  (4 months ago)

Hit 65,000 plays on SoundCloud. It doesn't seem like much but for a kid doing all of this by himself it makes me feel pretty good.

CHIMERA  (4 months ago)

Very Nice!! Love the sounds! Enjoyed each track!

Piet Louter
Piet Louter  (4 months ago)

Much respect for you and your music, no matter we have a different approach on music.
Thanks for your comment on my music and fanning me! Greetings from Holland!

Living Dead Girl MusicPromotions
Living Dead Girl MusicPromotions  (7 months ago)

Thanks Dion Kane or Joining Living Dead Girl Music Promo' Family,/ For Having Faith in LDG Music~ For Sharing Absolute Awesome Incredible Tunes ~ words of encouragement ~ wow ~ LDG Music Has Been blessed to Work / Promote Dion Kane / Dynasty Entertainment ~

Living Dead Girl Music Promotions
Living Dead Girl Music Promotions  (7 months ago)

Thank You Dion. for being patient. while pc was in repair. now waiting for FB Add Settings. Thanks Not Just For Connecting , and Putting faith in LDG Music Promotions, but for your words of encouragement. Friendship, and . outstanding words to live by. thank you / ldg