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The Twelve Crucifixes
The Twelve Crucifixes  (over 4 years ago)
I like your songs. Enjoy your musical journey. Cal.
PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (over 4 years ago)
Wow!...I'm blown away by your brilliant voice Yvette. What an immense talent you are and how well you use your voice as well. Good luck with your writing and I look forward to hearing that your album is a success, I'm sure it will be. Paul
Shazdar  (over 4 years ago)
Brilliant voice that leads a complex and textured jazz performance — the tonalities are perfect and the arrangements are enchanting. Thank you for sharing and keep singin' the good song!
Ahmed Adel
Ahmed Adel  (over 4 years ago)
Wow amazing music
mrgomgom  (over 4 years ago)
i LOVE your voices.
Mostafa Mohib
Mostafa Mohib  (over 4 years ago)
Wow, i really love what i'm listening to
David klinsman
David klinsman  (over 4 years ago)
wow i LOVE your voices.
Manuel Laforet
Manuel Laforet  (over 4 years ago)
very nice song, the more you are very beautiful
Spicer & Galt
Spicer & Galt  (over 4 years ago)
Great songs! Nice for a Saturday Morning...
Amine Benali
Amine Benali  (over 4 years ago)
love your voice, go!! go!! girl