Leah Brooke / Comments

Brave You
Brave You  (6 months ago)

Rock on, Rock on!!

John Rankin
John Rankin  (6 months ago)

Bonedust - wild song! Those harmonies drifting through the song really grab your attention!

Vince Tomanelli
Vince Tomanelli  (10 months ago)

Listening and Loving (Bonedust)

Twisted Tapestry
Twisted Tapestry  (11 months ago)

good creative ideas here, luv your tunes

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (11 months ago)

Wonderful controlled voice and excellent songwriting!

Keld Sand  Singer/songwriter
Keld Sand Singer/songwriter  (11 months ago)

Great tracks, great tunes and strong, powerful and beautiful vocal! Good luck!

CASE 150
CASE 150  (12 months ago)

Nice mix of styles!

All the best!!

David Layton - Guitarist
David Layton - Guitarist  (12 months ago)

Love the mix of instruments and the great lyrics. You look and sound amazing. Very impressed.

Jesse James Alexander
Jesse James Alexander  (12 months ago)

Cheers! Hope all is well. Kudos to you Leah. Wishing you continued success. Much love and respect. --- Peace

Maria DiDonato
Maria DiDonato  (almost 1 year ago)

Liked the video.