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Aditya Krustan Hiswara
Aditya Krustan Hiswara  (about 6 years ago)
nice song dude . :D
RAINE  (about 6 years ago)
im mainly rap but I listen to all music and this is hella nice... keep making good music over there.
Svelton  (about 6 years ago)
Specter Cheff
Specter Cheff  (about 6 years ago)
no this is some good ish
Mo-Luv  (about 6 years ago)
Great music I like thank youor becoming a fan I fanned you back much love and sucess
Shadows Gunned Down
Shadows Gunned Down  (about 6 years ago)
great tracks...!! respect and love ..!! \m/
M.I.C. (Made in China)
M.I.C. (Made in China)  (about 6 years ago)
Great style and sounds you have here! Rockin' to Peices..Awesome tune, thx Yvon-MIC
Spencer Joyce & The Record Machine
Spencer Joyce & The Record Machine  (about 6 years ago)
Amazing tunes y'all've got! Thanks for fanning and keep on doing your thing!
Jump Up Devil
Jump Up Devil  (about 6 years ago)
Great sound.... love the way you put it all together!
The Jerusalem Blues Band
The Jerusalem Blues Band  (about 6 years ago)
great music rockers! listened to all your tracks and checked out the video. careful with that neck. i have had 8 shots in my neck vertebrae from throwing my head around too much when I was a twenty something rocker. trust me on this one. Also, enter http://www.youbloom.com/ I am former contestant. Now I work for them. regards, Mike