Shean Carmichael / Comments

Roger Vierra
Roger Vierra  (about 5 years ago)

'My Miracle Is You'.....smooth as silk, man.

BrideOfRockNRoll  (about 5 years ago)

hey! keep rockin' it!

DeeJulia  (about 5 years ago)

Love all your emotion, your music. wow!

Full Tipped Sleeve
Full Tipped Sleeve  (about 5 years ago)

Love Don't take the Moon - the harmonies are beautiful & the vocals - really well done!

Jos Garcia
Jos Garcia  (about 5 years ago)

Great music^_^/sounds so good~~~~best regards JOS

The Kathryn Wheel
The Kathryn Wheel  (about 5 years ago)

'my miracle is you' is just so good, love that song! x

✭1982✭  (about 5 years ago)

really loves "I heard a secret" great stuff.

Ellen Once Again
Ellen Once Again  (about 5 years ago)

Wonderful music! Hope your having a great week. Best wishes :-)

Charlie Moix/ Songwriter / Americanna Country & Rock
Charlie Moix/ Songwriter / Americanna Country & Rock  (about 5 years ago)

Very nice music! Really enjoyed "4 Love"

Dale D'Amore
Dale D'Amore  (about 5 years ago)

nice songs, sounding good.