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Ecologyngle  (12 months ago)

Oh Sanjay! LOVE "Many Years Ago". The voice of a generation! Cheers + ty * Patricia :)

Lisa Panagos
Lisa Panagos  (12 months ago)

Beautiful tunes! Thanks for connecting!

Thadeus Project
Thadeus Project  (12 months ago)

Chicago hittin play! Stay good my friend. g

BURZZA  (12 months ago)

Wonderful songs! Mary

Quentin Fernandez
Quentin Fernandez  (12 months ago)

Enjoyed "Many years ago" good one. Sentimental one

Hillbilly Dix
Hillbilly Dix  (12 months ago)

...Thank you Sanjay ...and lovely to be here listening today .....beautiful songs , and voice ...hope alls well with you ...Love and hugs ... xo

Oc Thompson (Oc)
Oc Thompson (Oc)  (12 months ago)

Sending Love From Denver, Co

Love and Respect #Seasonsofmyheart

#SmoothVibes #Voice

JC & Laney
JC & Laney  (12 months ago)

Tuesday love and support!!

KC Daleigh
KC Daleigh  (12 months ago)

Enjoying your top five this morning. Wonderful style!

Bix  (12 months ago)

Great job, my friend. Gentle on my mind, Jimmy Webb, awesome. You have a genuine, deep, memorable voice that fits these songs perfectly. Hope you like my vocals, too. I'll be listening! Bix.