Suzanne Cook / Comments

CUNNINGBRAD  (3 months ago)
Classy songwriting and slick production. Well done.
Lora Kay Alexander w/ Roses In The Rain
Lora Kay Alexander w/ Roses In The Rain  (3 months ago)
Good music
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese  (3 months ago)
Gypsy Love....absolutely beautiful!!!! Top notch from start to finish, amazing vocal delivery and writing as well my friends!
ZUBIRA  (3 months ago)
Digging "Lost Without You" .... great artist with good vocals and a refreshing sound.
Nick Agorgianitis
Nick Agorgianitis  (3 months ago)
Thanks for the add! Sounding really smooth, i dig. Nick-
Say Y
Say Y  (3 months ago)
Wonderful ....it´s a kind of magic... ;)
James Morelli
James Morelli  (3 months ago)
Very pro sound with a unique style, Love it.
John Apolis
John Apolis  (3 months ago)
Fabulous. I hope to hear more.
"KenDarby"  (3 months ago)
I really enjoy your songs!!!
Daniel Massey
Daniel Massey  (3 months ago)
Missing You is like the song you knew was out there somewhere and you've been waiting so long to hear. So brilliant, I love your stuff! :)