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BarryTones  (about 2 years ago)
outstanding Vocals /Harmonies and Pro music. Thanks
Miss Sarah Trance
Miss Sarah Trance  (about 2 years ago)
woow nice music!! Sky is awesome!!. Congrat
Society's Soul
Society's Soul  (about 2 years ago)
Hi Jeremy! Thanks for becoming a fan. I like your music and vocals - great stuff! You have my support, thanks for yours! It's very appreciated! Best wishes for much success. Have a blessed day. Stay in touch. ~ Mario M. (Society's Soul)
Fractured Temple
Fractured Temple  (about 2 years ago)
Sounding great.
LeRuz La Rose
LeRuz La Rose  (about 2 years ago)
Thanks For Joining On Reverbnation You Have Great Music Keep Up The Great Work
Aria Cortes
Aria Cortes  (about 2 years ago)
Hi Jeremy! Thank you for becoming a fan. It's very appreciated! I really liked your music and vocals. Thanks for your support and I'm happy to support you as well! Have a great day! =]
Scott Hongell
Scott Hongell  (about 2 years ago)
Very beautiful and original sound Jeremy!
fieryredhead denimore
fieryredhead denimore  (about 2 years ago)
Listening to chance and enjoying it wonderful voice you have
Deep SilverBlues
Deep SilverBlues  (about 2 years ago)
"Anti-Hero" - Great song !!! Fantastic vocals !!! A cool timbre in the voice !!!
Deep SilverBlues
Deep SilverBlues  (about 2 years ago)