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Aaron Morrisey
Aaron Morrisey  (about 5 years ago)

I mentioned to my Chiropractor that I started to learn guitar and we got to talking as he has been playing for 25+ years. We have some similar tastes in music and he highly recommended I do a search on youtube for Randy Ponzio's cover of Message in a Bottle. I listen to it daily and decided to do a little research on Randy and was really saddened to find out about what had happened to him. Even though he is gone from this life, I'm so happy that I am able to be part of his fan base. His love and passion for music has certainly reached me. In my research I found tributes, messages from fans, friends and family. And I found you! Seems the passion for music is strong in the Ponzio family. I'm proud to say I'm a Val fan too! Keep up the amazing work. Ponzio fan for life!!