Vadim Mikhailov / Comments

Alexander McIntosh
Alexander McIntosh  (5 months ago)

Super work Vadim! Hitting your top five today.

Waldemar Lumma
Waldemar Lumma  (5 months ago)

We wish you and all your friends a fantastic new year and much success :-)

Dennis Lipps
Dennis Lipps  (5 months ago)

Man what a great time listening to your songs. Glad to find your page. You will see me back.

J B Butterfield
J B Butterfield  (5 months ago)

great music vad,keep up the good work.
And thank you for finding me.
good luck.

TwoLado  (5 months ago)

Thks for FriendShip, Vadim. Nice Jazzy funkie melodies. Bst for U in this 2017.

Russ Downs
Russ Downs  (5 months ago)

Very interesting pieces! Asymmetrical at times, avant garde, and yet very accessible. Great grooves, and filled with great melodic passages. Very fine, indeed!

[♪] VDJ FAHRI[A.J.P.S]™  (5 months ago)

like your EDM! I just started to get into it.

Buranmann  (6 months ago)

Hey, great music!

Richard Brunson
Richard Brunson  (6 months ago)

Very Creative arrangements! Greetings from NE USA!
Glad to meet you here!

studio56 players
studio56 players  (6 months ago)

like your EDM! I just started to get into it.