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Tony Phruishun Spires
Tony Phruishun Spires  (8 months ago)

Fact Grooves Thang is HOT! Great message. Creative video!

Russ Burtch
Russ Burtch  (8 months ago)

Lost is very enjoyable..

De'Von Mitch
De'Von Mitch  (8 months ago)

I am just like you trying to make a difference in the world, by spreading the message of Christ in a unique way. I will listen to your songs, like all your links and do what a brother is supposed to do. Could you do the same? Much success to you and your journey!

Vagenda  (9 months ago)

*bow* I really liked "I Can't Believe"! I was expecting country and what I got was a very unique mix of rock, new age, pop, alternative, and something else I can't put my finger on but reminds me of the Cranberries! Nice stuff!

BEATSLIDER  (9 months ago)

gefällt mir richtig gut,schön das ihr melodie habt!!!.

Intro Signal
Intro Signal  (9 months ago)

Sehr schön!! Dass hat mir gefallen!! Nett dass ihr Intro Signal mögen!!

Leo  (9 months ago)

Really cool music!!

Dream Team
Dream Team  (9 months ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan we really appreciate it Peace!

Scott Smith
Scott Smith  (9 months ago)

Good Composing!

Robert Rose
Robert Rose  (9 months ago)

Wie gehts Herrn!Danke fur der fan connect!-RR-Canada