Tenacious D / Comments

Rake Flier
Rake Flier  (over 1 year ago)

Really? D band has received no Comments from fanatical followers who worship in the Church Of The Sonic Guitar? I expected a couple "Rock on, dudes!" "You guys rock!" "Remember me? I was at your show last year!" "Can you like my page, too?" "That E minor tune kills!" "I won't tell anybody about the Linda Dent letter!" "I heard you guys bought the Fender factory!" "Can you send me an autographed pick?" "Did anyone ever tell you how much you look like Jack Black?" "My sister said you make her uncomfortable!" "I think air-guitar is a rad far out idea to the max and you are King Of The Invisible Strings!" "Cool!" Oh, oh...my Mum is coming down the stairs and she hates that I spend all this time talking to my weird (her word) music friends...so, I better cl