Brandon Vitale / Comments

PRO  (almost 2 years ago)
cool songs bro... enjoying your music.
Rachel samson
Rachel samson  (almost 2 years ago)
Awesome music Brandon! Keep it up!! ^_^
Captain Chucke
Captain Chucke  (almost 2 years ago)
You should consider playing the club scene on Long Beach. You're gonna go far, I can feel it.
Witold Rutkowski
Witold Rutkowski  (almost 2 years ago)
Top hit songs !!!
Russ Downs
Russ Downs  (almost 2 years ago)
Great songs, very commercial (in a good way)!
Great Seal Entertainment.
Great Seal Entertainment.  (almost 2 years ago)
great selection of music for Reverberation great choices these projects are awesome bro,keep working your sounds very unique...
Tim Whitworth
Tim Whitworth  (almost 2 years ago)
Listened liked! Reminds me of the Eighties Club Life! You shoulda been there! I'm Lucky I made it! We Partied!!
Long Run Road
Long Run Road  (almost 2 years ago)
Yesterday's music is quite catchy. Ever Onward!
Marcia Regina - violinista
Marcia Regina - violinista  (almost 2 years ago)
Seu trabalho é muito bonito e sua voz também! Parabéns! :-)
Michael Reid Perry
Michael Reid Perry  (almost 2 years ago)
I'm so glad to have a share in your music experience and good songs.