Brandon Vitale / Comments

John Castellain
John Castellain  (6 days ago)

Great music Brandon!

Val Stan
Val Stan  (28 days ago)

Congrat Brandon, you're a great Artist!!

Trips on Shadows
Trips on Shadows  (about 1 month ago)

Wow Impressive!! Great work!

Ron Gesch
Ron Gesch  (about 1 month ago)

Innovative sound, great Mixing on all your songs!

Lardy Miss Clardy Comin Out!
Lardy Miss Clardy Comin Out!  (7 months ago)

Do it, Brandon...great lyrics and sooo talented. I am in love with your voice. Full of Style!!

MinD-@ Crowd
MinD-@ Crowd  (7 months ago)

you are born to be a star

Clarice Proffitt
Clarice Proffitt  (7 months ago)

I love your music... Your very talented...💙

Lindo Habie
Lindo Habie  (8 months ago)

Amazing music! You are a very talented songwriter!

Amoz  (8 months ago)

soo talented :) love your stuff x

Levis & Lace
Levis & Lace  (9 months ago)

One talented young man! Great sound, voice, music and lyrics! You are a natural. Going to add you and be your fan!!!! Congrats and best wishes!