Niko Korolog, Composer / Comments

Max Humphrey
Max Humphrey  (4 months ago)

Excellent work Niko, your music is inspiring - Max

Soultrap  (4 months ago)

Good stuff man! The mixes sound really clean.

Bryan Hanson OldFireCptn
Bryan Hanson OldFireCptn  (4 months ago)

Wow Niko, honored to have made this connection. Whatever it's worth from an old producer like me, You have a rare and unique gift that I will cherish being able to experience.

PHRUISHUN  (4 months ago)

Great Compositions! Firebird is a Hot Song!

Mads Bjorn-Roli
Mads Bjorn-Roli  (4 months ago)

love your music.

Rolan  (4 months ago)

Nice! Thanks!

Baby Boy J
Baby Boy J  (5 months ago)

Talented you are wishing you much success, have a wonderful day.

DJ KRON OFDALAND  (5 months ago)

Super Enjoying The Sounds, Keep Up The Great Work And Stay Blessed N Successful!

The Neal Maingot Project
The Neal Maingot Project  (6 months ago)

Superb Vocals, Lyrics and Musicianship throughout your Song List Niko! "DaNiko - Firebird" ..is just one of the many amazing Songs here, nice work! Really great Music my friend, I will most definitely be back for more! Wishing you only the very best from Vancouver Canada. neal

The influence of the Moon
The influence of the Moon  (6 months ago)

Very beautiful!!!