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⚛天使🗝✡ARCH♔AEON✡🗝天使⚛  (3 days ago)

Creeping thru to support #RAUNITUS ......got that dope sound on deck!!! 💪.....

WORKINCLAZ  (17 days ago)

Great music stay on the grind

GMSH Live East
GMSH Live East  (22 days ago)

Hey. The 9th Annual GMSH Tour will be hosting a Fifteen City Run in the Midwest this Sept. We'll be producing events in twelve different states. If you want to hit the stage, Visit GetMoneyStopHatin(dot)com or call 818-723-0847 for details. God bless.

Lamar Power Beatz
Lamar Power Beatz  (about 2 months ago)


⚛天使🗝✡ARCH♔AEON✡🗝天使⚛  (about 2 months ago)

you're new trackx are str8 fire!!! i dig the video as well.....nice job! YAH Bless......

les Stores
les Stores  (about 2 months ago)

Great job !

LampStand Music
LampStand Music  (2 months ago)

Raw my man! Loving the vibe on The Minds ill. Blessings from Phoenix!

Among the First
Among the First  (3 months ago)

The Minds Ill... awesome track!

PHRUISHUN  (3 months ago)

Real, Classic Hip Hop! "The Minds Ill" is hitting very hard! "Got Me Hostage" is the Truth!

Robin Bankz
Robin Bankz  (3 months ago)

Yo nbs you snapped on got me hostage type of rap i like 💯💯💯