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Trust Fam
Trust Fam  (10 months ago)

If you by any chance do see this message we just want to thank the few that did take time to respond and give us feedback and be part of our movement for this we are more than honored to have youalle as a part of our life trials and tribulations through our music thnkz fam God Bless.

Trust Fam
Trust Fam  (10 months ago)

Listen to why people been buzzing over there music ,verses,delivery and creativity,coming from the bottom of the map Rio Grand Tx TRUST FAMILY (River Boyz) wants you to be part of the movement by clicking on link and download or stream MUSIC for FREE PLEASE drop some feedback very necessary to give the people what they want thnkz God Bless. https://www.reverbnation.com

Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (10 months ago)

Love your music!!

Face of Stone
Face of Stone  (10 months ago)

Man Fantastic Music!! Love your style!!!

Jax Beer Blues
Jax Beer Blues  (10 months ago)

Yeah well when I saw the Amps I knew this would be good! I was right take control is in my ear now!
Rock on thanks for the add and killer tunes.
I am not a robot..

Jarrod Neufeld
Jarrod Neufeld  (10 months ago)

Fantastic tone and playing, Jimmy! Thanks so much for connecting!

HollowTip Huey Shabazz
HollowTip Huey Shabazz  (10 months ago)

Thanks for the fan request. I hope to deliver something you can enjoy in the future.

Quito aka Zion Child
Quito aka Zion Child  (10 months ago)

Loving your Rock...would you like to put in some strings on one of Rock songs?

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (10 months ago)

huge fan of your talent\m/♥♬🎶 🎶🎶🎶

Chronic A
Chronic A  (10 months ago)

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