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Dani Mkd in GOODWILL
Dani Mkd in GOODWILL  (about 4 years ago)

yeahhh keep rocking the metal, great stuff!

FREQUENCY  (over 4 years ago)

Awesome Track,, Great Song,, Excellent From INDONESIA http://www.facebook.com/FrequencyIDOfficial

Epic Death
Epic Death  (almost 5 years ago)

Brothers - do us a favor and vote for us!!!
We will be happy to assist you with any contests etc in return!

Krotchripper  (about 5 years ago)

Here Kum the Troll!!!!

Entropy  (about 5 years ago)

We have drums!!!!!! Drum tracking in progress, we'll be laying down the guitars soon, we'll keep you posted. Between now and then. we need FANS!!! Spread the word about Entropy everyone!!!!

ROSES FOR GRACE  (about 5 years ago)


Entropy  (about 5 years ago)

Okay everyone, I see alot of new faces around my page and I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that Entropy, Numbered Existence and Restless Aggression, will all be in Cedar Rapids this Saturday, December 17th at Tornados. Show starts at 9, it's a 21+ venue so leave your kids at home. Feel free to bring some friends though, bring your enemies, bring your grandparents, whatever, just get to the show!!! It's going to be a blast. ALSO!!!!! If you aren't hip to our page on Reverbnation yet go check that out there are some demos, some live stuff, a few videos, theres some pictures, we also have a page here on Facebook that you can find my navigating around my page here just a little. I'll post some links, I hope to see you guys out there, Tornados is very well known for having some awesome live ORIGINAL hard rock and metal bands so we are going to do our best to help them maintain their reputation as one of the kewlest venues in the area. See you guys at the show!!!!

Get to the shows, buy some merch, listen to the music, tip the bartenders, spread the word!!! Support local venues and local musicians.!!!

Happy Holidays...

MESSIAH ABORTION  (about 5 years ago)

Ave Ragnarok!

True Witness (Official)
True Witness (Official)  (about 5 years ago)

Showing our support for your music. Our Debut Album drops in March...TW

IANDSON  (about 5 years ago)

While listening to your music again, wishing the best to you and your great composition. Best luck and millions of fans. A&P, I&SON.