Myles Nelson-Official / Comments

Scot Sheely
Scot Sheely  (3 months ago)

Excellent music. I love it!

April Sugarbear
April Sugarbear  (6 months ago)

Great voice and music Myles Nelson!!

angelsis316  (7 months ago)

Love the songs...

Helen Eldridge
Helen Eldridge  (7 months ago)

Love ya myles

Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown  (7 months ago)

Stopping back in to show my love!

Taylor Loren
Taylor Loren  (10 months ago)

Great music here! All the best, - Taylor Loren

Diana Hopkins
Diana Hopkins  (10 months ago)

I love your songs, Myles! I cant wait to see you live someday 😀

Ariel Rubie Perez
Ariel Rubie Perez  (10 months ago)

You're a very talented sooner i love your new song

Miranda Garrett
Miranda Garrett  (11 months ago)

You're very talented. Love your music. Great work! 💖

Kevin Poole
Kevin Poole  (12 months ago)

hey myles,,pops here, cindee pooles father ,i'm coming to 5 points with chandler on 4/29/16 to give my support for you,,i feel you are part of my inner family like chandler is and i'll do what i can for you,and chandler, i am very grateful to have you in my home and to get to know you,,,myles you are going to win this contest and you will become famous,,,save your money that you make and do it for retirement,,,don't piss it away,,learn how to save,,,so you don't have to get an hourly job like me,,,i like my life,i am fortunate,,cause i met chandler and then he brought you to me,,,thank you myles k nelson,,,kevin poole/cindee poole