Jess J Beatz
Jess J Beatz  (8 days ago)

What’s Good, I'm sure you know me as the CEO of GMSH Live. We've recently released Record Label Development Deals to artists focused on bossing up with their careers. We cover everything from filing all the proper paperwork to be legit, to sponsorship proposals to secure investors, marketing plans, recording contracts, management agreements, etc. I've been in this game for fourteen years, and this is the dopest service we've ever offered. And it's only 150 bucks. Call 401-699-2002 for details. Or you can visit RecordLabelDeal(dot)com to secure the deal you've been waiting for. Type GMSH in the promo code box to get a discount, 2 free ebooks, and more. I'm (at)JessJJones on IG, FB, & Twitter if you'd like to make sure I'm legit. God bless.

wreckless  (29 days ago)

Wats gud I really was feeling your groups music if you can stop by my page and check out my music and videos maybe we can work in the future just leave a comment on my page and become a fan if you like to follow my work or visit my website www.ceowreckless.com salute.

Dabier  (4 months ago)

Good MUZIK.... Great Sounds.. I'm a Fan !!!!

Mr. Brown The Manager
Mr. Brown The Manager  (4 months ago)

If you want to perform in Austin TX during SXSW week 03/14/17 and 03/15/17 Call me now 2165775119

Paula izzy D`or
Paula izzy D`or  (4 months ago)

shout out to you

Jess J
Jess J  (5 months ago)

What’s up. If you don’t know me, my name is Jess Jones, official founder of the 9th Annual #GMSHTOUR. I have an concert coming up in Dallas on Friday, January 27th at RBC. If you want to perform, you can get a set, and we created a system that allows you to get paid, without having to spend money on tickets. We’re giving away a SXSW performance package to one artist from this event. We have 5 other events in TX that same week. If you want more info, call 401-699-2002 or visit getmoneystophatintour(dot)com for specifics. Be blessed.

Alex Christian
Alex Christian  (12 months ago)

Damn! It's one of the most talented artists ever!! Yessur you're Legend!

White Label
White Label  (about 1 year ago)

Great music! I wish you all the best. Bert from White Label.

nancy-ann michaud
nancy-ann michaud  (about 1 year ago)

just want to ride is my favorite

"YESSUR" DA COOKIEMONSTA!!  (about 1 year ago)


I know we all go through things in life but here's a little "#Inspiration" to Motivate you!!!...
The Struggle is Real but so are the Blessings! Inspiration Leads To Motivation. #GO!

Inspiration by: Will Itz Yessur Boyd AKA YESSUR "DA COOKIEMONSTA"

Video Production/Directed by: Mike Hobbs​ (UglyBoy) and Jonathan Presswood​ (PWood) of The Black Bar List​

Music Production by: Carlos Dubz Finklea​

Full Video Link (Youtube) https://youtu.be/CAnGV31uDA8

Please #LIKE #SHARE and #SUBSCRIBE Lets go #VIRAL with this one!!
Thanks for the support.. Hope You All Enjoy!
#LiveAndDirect #ItzYessurMusik #TBBL #TBBLMG #LEGGO