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Brave You
Brave You  (5 months ago)

Rock On, Rock On!!

AJohn Baker
AJohn Baker  (7 months ago)

Nice songs ,Music and Vocals!Let me know what you think of my songs!AJohn

Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (7 months ago)

Back for another look!! Enjoying your Fantastic playing!! You make it look do easy!!
Stay well

Nayshin  (7 months ago)

I dig it bro and follow your rhythms very well. Keep bringing the heat!

Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (7 months ago)

Hi Stevi,
Thank you for becoming a fan!! I am very grateful for your support. I really enjoyed your video, awesome!! You are truly a very talented artist of a very high caliber!!! I am a fan!!! I would really appreciate if you would like and subscribe to my YouTube page. Amanda Castro band I will definitely do the same
Best wishes and stay well

Sarah Lee Lamashtu
Sarah Lee Lamashtu  (7 months ago)

You got a great sound.. Great style..

kurtis damon
kurtis damon  (8 months ago)

That days still comin rocks! Great guitar!

Grinch Dollaz
Grinch Dollaz  (8 months ago)

cool guitar track

brian lewis
brian lewis  (8 months ago)

Nice work man

Isoa Gambel
Isoa Gambel  (8 months ago)

https://twitter.com/IsoaG ♫♪ Hi Stevi - I have already joined your Twitter - Isoa :-)